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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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I Was a Rat!

Mrs Burton, Trainee Teacher from Year 4 Skylarks class, has created several videos for the book her class is currently reading called 'I was a rat'.

Below are links to Mrs Burton's YouTube videos for each chapter. 

I was a Rat! Or the Scarlett Slippers by Philip Pullman 

Chapter 1: I was a Rat! 

Chapter 2: The Privy 

Chapter 3: The City Hall 

Chapter 4: The Orphanage 

Chapter 5: School 

Chapter 6: No Escape 

Chapter 7: A Curious and Interesting Case 

Chapter 8: A Philosophical Investigation 

Chapter 9: Mr Tapscrew 

Chapter 10: Where’s he Gone? 

Chapter 11: You want ‘em Nauseated 

Chapter 12: A Load of old Cod 

Chapter 13: The Wonder of the Age 

Chapter 14: Goose Weather 

Chapter 15: Well Where’s he Gone? 

Chapter 16: The Sharp Article 

Chapter 17: Removals 

Chapter 18: Who was that? 

Chapter 19: A Pair of old Trams 

Chapter 20: Hunched and Malevolent, Radiating Pure Evil 

Chapter 21: The Freedom of the Press 

Chapter 22: Don’t Be Deceived 

Chapter 23: Our Children are in Danger and Tripe 

Chapter 24: No Room

Chapter 25: The Tribunal  

Chapter 26: Scarlet Slippers or the Practical Voice of Craftmanship 

Chapter 27: Princess Mary Jane  

Chapter 28: The Princess and the Prison  

Chapter 29: Wish as Hard as you Like  

Chapter 30: Toasted Cheese  

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