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The Ungrateful Servant Parable

This week in RE, Bullfinches were given the task to modernise the old parable ‘The Ungrateful Servant’. These are some of their ideas:

To show how effective forgiveness can be and how we should treat forgiveness, the Bullfinch class was broken into 5 teams. They had to take the Ungrateful Servant parable and re-enact it with a modern twist. The first group took a Primary School setting where you had Bilal playing as Mr Gagnon and Ausaf and Harry playing as some of the students.

In the play, Mr Gagnon forgave Harry for a mistake he made, but he then didn’t forgive Ausaf for his mistakes. Mrs Judge made an appearance where she talked to Harry and later he forgave Ausaf and Bilal. We saw some amazing acting from all of the boys in this skit. Well Done.

In the next group, we saw an office setting for our parable. Harry was the boss of the company who forgave Michael for an error he made, but in turn Michael did not forgive the donut maker for being so late on his order. This caused Michael to lose his promotion. Amazing work by all in this group.

Next we saw a parable in the shape of a Bank Manager (Taylor) give forgiveness to one of her employees (Nifemi). However, Nifemi didn’t forgive a customer (Evan) for not paying off his debt so she had him thrown into jail. Once the Bank Manager found out, she put Nifemi in jail for being so ungrateful and helped Evan to get out. We saw some great narrating by Sian and Rivers as well in this skit.


Then we saw our next group where they also took a primary school setting for their re-enacting. Mathesh was playing a simple ballgame when Max came and stole from Mathest, however, Sanji was there to tell off Max for what he had done. Mathesh eventually forgave Max for what happened. But then Anna came onto the scene and did similar things to Max, however he did not forgive Anna for her mistake. We saw some great collaboration with everyone, including some transition scenes from Miyah.

Finally, we had a more mature theme from our last group. They took the parable story and revolved it around a gang that sold illegal items. Terrell, the boss of the gang, wasn’t pleased that Aleena couldn’t get them their illegal goods, but he forgave her and gave her another chance. However, Aleena encountered Jeena who hadn’t paid her back and did not forgive her for not paying back the money. Guilio, one of the gang members, heard about this and told Terrell. When Terrell found out, he was angry and had Hugo and Kitan to punish Aleena for her ungratefulness. We saw some great acting from everyone, even some great Brooklyn accents from the boys.

Through these skits, we saw some we should treat each other and how we should act when someone forgives us for our mistakes. Both Mr Gagnon and Mrs Judge were impressed by all of the skits presented that day. Great work Bullfinches!

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