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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Through the lens...

Throughout this week, Doves and Bullfinches have been exploring how we see things and through what lens we look. As we go through life, we sometimes spend our time as a ‘Viewer’, and other times a ‘doer’. We are excited for this terms book ‘The Viewer’ in which Tristan explores his own environment and contemplates what one person sees as trash, another sees as gold.

Ayesha described it as ‘What once you thought old has become my gold’.

To explore this, we have been using our ‘Every Picture tells a Story’ lesson to look at the images from the book and imagine the story behind the pictures. To ask the question, why are there so many eyes and what are the watching? How past is the past and does it impact on Tristan’s future?

Using the first image, Makilthini imagined –

When the morning came, layers of pregnant clouds were giving birth to raindrops the size of bullets as I peered through the crooked window. To me, it seemed as if the eerie window was about to fall, fall off the edge. As I sauntered down the narrow hallway, something caught my eye. I was face to face with a clock from the past, (like a time travelling machine but you don’t travel through time, you watch it like you’re looking at the past). There was a huge hole so I decided to peer through it. As quick as a flash, I was in the past as if I was re-born. I was puzzled. Darkness fell so I ran, my heart pounding in my ears!

 We discussed and examined the first image of the book to write our first draft of our strip poetry - 

We edited, upleveled and presented our work - 

Junk - By Harry L

Junk, lots of junk

Evolving down to the bottom of the mound,

Waiting until it would be their turn,

Their turn to be crushed.


Junk, lots of junk

Unkempt rubble wasting space,

Space that could help people,

Help lots of people


Junk, lots of junk

Sad, sad as can be,

Covered in smoke and no sun because vehicles covering up,

No life,

Just junk, lots of junk

  • Makilthini 4 years ago
    Hi it's Makilthini I even read my poem again to myself and I love it so does my family. This poem is only this good because of my teachers the fabulous Miss Carr and the magnificent Mrs Murphy.
  • Olivia (previous student) 1 year ago
    Both pieces of work was amazing
  • Kati 3 weeks ago
    Perfect .

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