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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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The Garbage King

This term, Year 5 are reading a book called "The Garbage King" written by Elizabeth Laird. Working in a collaboration, using chapter one as our influence, the children were asked to write a line poem based on one of the main characters, Mamo.

Rohan's group wrote:

Ababa, Mamo's home rough and tough.

Mamo, mum died his fake uncle comes and ruins his life.

A shoot of anxiety woke up Mamo, but not for long.

His uncle: cruel and rules Mamo.

Mamo lurking for jobs but does not know what is out there. 
Crowded. Mamo trying not to get lost but if he does it he is tough enough to survive.

Brown legs, working like scissors gone up to the door, pushing me out.

Phoebe's group wrote:

Adaba, away from everything and everyone that I had ever known.

Questions were boiling inside of me.

Where are we going?

How would I find my way home?

Is it far?

Shoot for anxiety.

I turned a shocked face towards him.

I've got to get back to Tiggist.

I had been feeling more and more expansive.

I found myself in the crowd. I want to get out!!

Bianca's group wrote:

Mamo, Mamo what have you done?

Sitting next to a random man named Hun,

Alone on the bus, making a fuss... who would believe a silly Billy?

So lonely with a life of despair, being dragged to the countryside, forced to work everywhere,

Hypnotised by Merga's spell; the people believe the boy has no parents,

Mamo, Mamo you poor thing!

I hope you can escape and find some ker-ching!

Gabe's group wrote:

As the conductor swiftly slammed the door shut,

the engine repeatedly roared and the bus started to move out of Addis.

To his surprise, his awful uncle was carelessly dragging him out of his hometown.

With a fierce, frightening feeling in his stomach,

he was rapidly moving away from his town.

Questions were boiling in his stomach.

Waving goodbye to everything, remembering

the good and bad memories.




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