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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Our School Cinema Experience

Wow! What an exciting and unexpected day we had!

We were lucky enough to experience a cinema screening in our own classrooms. We all lined up in Sparrows classroom and were all given our own individual tickets. We then had to walk to the ticket office where our tickets were cut and we were told our seat numers.






After we had visited the ticket office we then walked into Merlins classroom which was transformed into a cinema! Once we had walked into the cinema we noticed there were numbers on the seats and we were guided to match the number and row from our ticket to the seat.

Sam's dad kindly came in to make our popcorn using a popcorn machine. We were all given a cup of popcorn and some juice to drink when we were seated. We then waited patiently for all the children be seated.



It was like a real cinema - everyone sat beautifully and were quiet (most of the time) whilst the film was on and best of all we watched Moana!





We cannot wait for our real cinema experience!

  • Cheryl 9 months ago
    This was so great to see when I popped in. Great work teachers and kids.
  • Kelly Goodayle 9 months ago
    What a fantastic idea! I heard all about this when my daughter got home from school, she even brought her ticket home to show me, definitely made for a memorable experience! Thank you
  • andrea rushen 9 months ago
    A big thank you to Mr Fellows for being our popcorn star!! (A special big thank you for the left overs!!) I think sometimes we forget that not all children are lucky enough to have the opportunity for a cinema experience so this was a great idea - thank you Miss Read and Miss Khalid. I'm looking forward to our next treat!!! Enjoy your weekend despite the rain everybody XXX
  • Philippa Fellows 9 months ago
    How lovely. Sam and his dad told me all about it and how nicely all the children sat to watch the film.
  • Donna Edgecombe 9 months ago
    Great idea - thank you for giving all the children the chance to experience it. Good choice of film too. :-)

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