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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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A Sparrow Pizza Learning Express

Well, what a splendid day Sparows had at Pizza Express!

Our journey of making pizzas started by us knowing nothing at all ... it was a fabulous surprise!

We started off on the coach and had a whirl whind joruney to Bluewater, we enjoyd using our outdoor voices inside the bus and it was super exciting to sit on the top - we felt as if we were on top of the world!

We reached Bluewater and jumped off the coach and made our way to Pizza Express.

We could not believe how quiet the shopping centre was and as soon as we entered that all changed! As soon as we got into Pizza Express, we were introduced to a man who was the manager and who then introduced us to all the staff.

We made our way around the restaurant to see no one else apart from oursleves. We were very lucky to have the whole restuarant to ourselves (we took full advantage).

We were shown both floors upsatirs and downstairs and were shown where the pizzas are cooked as well as where all the dishes and cuttlery are washed up - the room was very small.

After a tour of the restaurant, we head downstairs and were introduced to a chef who showed us all how to roll and knead the pizza dough - there was soo much flour! The chef threw the pizza in the air (we screamed) as soon as he caught it!

We then put our own hats and aprons on and were off to make our own pizzas (it was super exciting, the adults were much more exicted than us).

We were given our own pizza bases and had to spread our pasta sauce. We used the special movements the chef had taught us. 

We then added our own chosen toppings, there were soo many to choose from e.g. pepperoni, ham, chicken, mushrooms, cheese, olives etc.

We were then given a very special spice to add to our pizzas (it's top secret - sorry we cannot disclose).

We then saw our pizzas go into the oven and whilst we waited we became customers and sat at a table and drank some juice - we were exhausted!

Within a flash, our pizzas were cooked and ready to eat! They looked great, we couldn't wait to get started!

We grabbed a slice and off we ate... yum yum! Pizzas made all by ourselves!

The adults were also very lucky the chef had made pizzas for them too (there's were much bigger)

We thouroguhly enjoyed our day out at Pizza Express and experienced what it was like to be a pizza maker and all the ingredients used to make a great pizza! To make sure our pizzas were safe we put them on a seat on a bus and put seatbelts around them (just incase they wobbled). 

Maybe one day we may become pizza makers ourselves... Who would like to try a pizza made by us?

  • Mrs Rowe 4 years ago
    Well done to sparrows who were impeccably behaved on our trip to Blue Water. Members of staff and the public were amazed at how well you all represented our school. Pizzas were delicious and I will definitely try to put my recent skills to the test by making one at home. Looking forward to many more adventures in the future.
  • Frances Akinde 4 years ago
    Wow sparrows! What an exciting day! You all looked like you had a great time. I bet your families enjoyed eating the pizzas with you. Did you share?

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