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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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War Child

Our main focus this week has been creative writing, we decided to look at how we could use emotive words to enhance our writing and how it would feel to imagine ourselves in situations we’ve never been in. Our focus was ‘War Child’ based on a child living in Syria and how they fled from the war.As part of our preparation we looked at historical information about Syria and created a mood board using words describing how we would feel if it were us. Using this, we each wrote a story paying particular attention to atmosphere, setting, character development and up-levelling our work. We also found it really interesting to look at the technical language as part of our story and including those facts and figures in our work.

War Child by Joe Roney, Year 6 Bullfinches

My name is Hashene; let me tell you about my story. I was one of the 1.2 million people driven out of my home town, Damascus. I remember it well!

Darkness fell, all was still, I gazed at the once delightful village; now a hideous warzone. I stared off into the distance, my eyes steady and unblinking as I remembered last year. I remember playing in the luscious green emerald field, now full of debris, lifeless bodies and grey grass. A tear formed in my eye, how could they do this?

I saw a deserted village with rubble strewn everywhere and houses destroyed, I looked around and noticed a body, it was my mother’s! My heart filled up with pain, they had killed her. I still remembered her warm and inviting smile welcoming me to the world; I felt anger bubble up inside of me.

I knew I had to find my father and sister, I started the journey to the nearest camp (which was 112miles away), and I set off. I started to hike through the desert when I heard the guns going off and guns firing in the distance. I was petrified but I knew I had to keep on going and not give up.

Tired, exhausted and anxious; I didn’t dare stop. Trudging through the desert, which shimmied in the heat, I met a girl from my village, it was Reeta. She saw me and ran to give me a hug, she asked how I was and I told her I was ok. Inside, however, I was as scared as a child about to be beaten. We walked to a nearby lake, that had vivid blue water; perfect to drink. We sat down, shaded by the palm trees and began to relax. Without warning a squad of soldiers appeared marching their way towards us. We had to leave, fast! ‘Stop’ they shouted, we ignored them and carried on running, we didn’t dare look back. I don’t mean to boast but we outran them, I always was athletic!

I was so relieved to get away from those loathsome soldiers. Reeta and I carried on our tiresome journey; it felt like it was never going to end. Walking, walking and walking through the scorching heat of the desert. I could see something in the distance; I wasn’t sure what it was but I got a closer glimpse and realised it was the camp! We had finally arrived, Reeta saw it too and we ran for our lives. We were there! Now, with hope in my heart I know I will look for my sister, Alma and my father in this camp, I will succeed!

Gallery Rebels

We have also been working on our art this week, looking at Phillip Morrison (an Irish artist who focuses on use of extreme colour in his work), Van Gogh (Sunflowers) and Keith Haring, a New York graffiti artist whose work you may recognise from the 'Change for Life' campaign.

In our photographs, the original is on the bottom with the recreated version on top.

Cliffs of Lahinch by Aimaan, Golden Surfer by Sam and Keith Haring by Freddie and Kofo.

  • Kate Wright 4 years ago
    Fantastic piece of writing Joe!
  • Megan 4 years ago
    THIS WRITING WAS AMAZING! I really enjoyed reading it. Great job!
  • CARRIE RONEY 4 years ago
    Really insightful and moving work, well done joe

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