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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Island learning

This term our topic is 'Earth as an Island' and to accompany this we are reading Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick.

Last week, to start out topic, we explored a variety of food from different islands around the world. This week we discovered different types of islands. We also developed our geography vocabulary and understanding by thinking about physical and human features of an island called Lundy Island. Other geography skills we have already started developing have been naming and locating major capital cities around the world, as well as understanding how time zones work. From this work we found out about a couple of cities that are also islands e.g. Venice and Manhattan. We considered how such islands have changed over time, before then doing research on an island of our choice.

Here is a presentation that Freya put together from her research:

Freya presented her great research beautifully - well done!


As part of English, we have also been looking at an island, but this time a fictional island from the book Floodland. In the book, the main character Zoe has escaped in a boat and as a result discovered an island called Eels island. The author describes the island vividly so that we can envision the image of the island in our mind. We found quotes in the book that gave us information about what the island looked like and used them to create our own drawing of Eels island. Take a look below at our drawings and quotes:

By George

By Molly

By Harkaran

By Natasha.

As part of English, we additionally celebrated World Book Day this week. In Year 6, we have many budding authors, we are part way through writing their own novels. Below is the image of the front cover of Daisy's book:

A great sneak peek into your novel. We cannot wait until you have finished it and share it with us all. 

Next week we will not be doing online learning and instead will return to school and our classrooms. Many have mixed emotions about this, but we are looking forward to seeing everyone in person again!

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