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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Will your boat float?

This term Year 2 have become scientists and investigated materials and their properties. We began by finding out what a scientist is. We had so many inquisitive questions to ask such as;           

What does a scientist investigate?”, “ Do they only do experiments?”, “ Can I be a scientist?”. 

We thought really carefully about what a scientist might look like. We couldn’t believe that anybody can be a scientist!

Ethan even made his very own material monster to help him with his learning this term.

What materials did you use to make your material monster?

We have really enjoyed using scientific vocabulary to describe the properties of different materials.

“A door is made from wood. I think it is made from wood because its hard and opaque.” Anaya.

Ben used scientific vocabulary to describe the properties of these materials.

Can you remember what properties these pictures represent?

We have carried out lots of experiments this term to deepen our understanding. Before we conducted each of our experiments we made sure that we thought like a scientist to make a hypothesis. 

Pixie and Claudia's hypothesis and results.

This week Miss Hamilton and Miss Coulam set us a challenge - to build a boat that would float! We knew that we were going to have to use all of our knowledge about materials and their properties to be successful. Our first step was to select our materials, we had lots to choose from!

What materials did you use to make your boat?

We used paper, cardboard, tin foil, plastic and even bubble wrap! Have a look at how Shane's boat is floating.

Next, we tested our boats. We placed them on the water to see if they would float. After that, we began to add weights to our boats. We used lots of different materials such as pennies, cubes and even potatoes! As we added more weight to our boats they began to sink. We thought really carefully about how we could change our boats to make them stronger. 

“ I am going to use a cardboard egg carton to make the bottom of my boat but cardboard is absorbent so I am going to wrap it in tin foil. Tin foil is waterproof.” Ben.
Lilianna used coins to test her boat. 
“ I am going to use tin foil because it's waterproof. I am going to use wooden sticks and cardboard to make my sails.” Ethan.










I used lots of different weights to test my boat. I used an apple, straws and coins." Mila
"It took 52 cubes to sink our boat."










We have really enjoyed learning about materials this term and can’t wait to discover what experiments we will be carrying out next term!

Well done year 2. Have a great half term!

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