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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

Brain Power!

In Topic Year 1 have been finding out how the brain works. They investigated jelly brains for the texture and used a range of adjectives to describe how the jelly felt in their hands.

They discussed with their group how they thought a brain would feel. Would it feel like the jelly? 

       The table below shows keywords that can be linked together to produce a pathway.    As a class the children chose words for the pathway and made a story about it.

"I got in my car and took a picnic in my school bag. On the way I used my binoculars to look out of the window. I had taken some books with me, but I did not have time to read them on my picnic because I played outdoor games .  I took my books back to my house to read.  The next day I used a map with a key to find my classroom. At breaktime I played with a ball which I know should not go in the road but if I use my foot skills I should be better ".

The children discussed the different pathways there could be when deciding what to do. Below is the pathway that the children used as a class where they made a story up around each keyword. The colours show each pathway that they chose.  After that, they worked with a partner deciding their own story that they would tell using the keywords. 

                The children worked with a partner taking it in turns to choose keywords to tell a story demonstrating that our brains use connections in whatever we decide to do.

In Science the children have been learning about reactions. We discussed what we thought would happen to try and predict the outcome. 


Hydrogen peroxide was placed in a bottle by the class teacher with two drops of liquid soap and food colouring. In a cup yeast and water were added together and mixed well. They watched while the yeast and water were added to the hydrogen peroxide quickly.


                                                The children were very excited when this happened!

We discussed as a class why it happened quickly and could we have slowed the reaction down. The children have enjoyed their Science lessons this term and are looking forward to next week too. 

I wonder what they will be doing? We look forward to finding out!

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