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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

Staying Home and Learning form Home

For the past two weeks, Year 6 have been busy working on a number of tasks from writing, cooking and creating…

Charlie created a story using this picture as inspiration:

Fatal Fields

“Come on Jake, we’re leaving. We have to go now.” said Isaac (Jake’s dad).

“But it’s raining.” said Jake.

“I know but it is now or never!” Exclaimed Isaac positively.

“Ok.” Sighed Jake.

As the dynamic duo struggled against the perilous wind it started to rain heavily. Drenched, they carried on walking in the fields. The wind got stronger, the rain got heavier and became a total frenzy. The wind became brutal and knocked Jake off of his feet and clung on to the back of his dad’s coat.

“We’re nearly there!” Shouted Isaac. “I can see it!”

Now they started to run, getting closer every step they took.

“Finally, we are here!” They both said together. “YAY!!!”

They enter the shop to find no more toilet paper.

“NOoOoOoOo! We’re too late!” exclaimed Isaac.

“I told you we should have gone yesterday.” Announced Jake.

As they were on the way out the sun came out and a rainbow appeared, but alas no toilet paper.


Alex also created his own story on the same picture:

Alice and the storm

“Please dad can we please go out for a walk,” said Alice, frustrated that her dad as not listening to her.

“Alice can’t you see how cold it is outside, plus it’s also starting to drizzle which is going to probably lead into a thunderstorm,” replied her dad.

Alice was a very stubborn young lady which is why when she got into arguments and she wanted to prove a point she would never let up until she got what she wanted and this wasn’t to change here.

“Dad we’ve been stuck inside for a few days. I don’t care if it’s drizzling outside and I promise we’ll be back before the thunderstorm starts. Please dad!”

Here dad looked up from his newspaper and in the end said, “Fine, but only for a quick ten-minute walk.”

“Ok I’ll go put my shoes on,” Alice replied.

When Alice had finished putting on her shoes, she quickly ran outside to take a huge gasp of fresh air. A raindrop rolled won her cheek but then out of nowhere BANG! A huge thunderclap, the thunderstorm was coming closer, Alice was in peril shock, she thought about going back inside but then thought to herself, I have to be brave.

After a few minutes of an anxious wait, Alice’s dad finally came down to go for the walk.

“Come on then, let’s make this quick, I don’t want to be out here for a long time, it’s freezing,” said her dad. Around halfway through their walk, the blusterous storm started, the drizzle started to turn into gallons and gallons of water, pouring down from the sky.

As they carried on walking, Alice turned to her dad and asked, “should we start heading back home?”

“Yes please,” her dad replied. But just when they were about to turn back, a huge gust of wind swept them back. Alice’s dad put an umbrella in front of them, but it was no use, they just kept on getting pushed back the wrong way. Alice quickly grabbed onto her dad’s jacket as she was now flying, the nature was frenzy with rage.

Alice was now exhilarating with excitement even though she was flying away, she found it quite funny unlike her dad who was extremely angry. The tumultuous storm kept on going crazier and crazier until it finally stopped so Alice quickly came down from the sky and they rapidly went running home just in case the storm started again. When they got home, they realised that the world was now very calm, nothing was swaying everywhere, everything was still.

Joseph was not only working on his Maths these past weeks, but was also practicing his guitar and making turkey burgers with his family.

Jack on the other hand was busy at work with a number of projects from Maths to art.

We've really enjoyed seeing what you have been up to. Remember to email us photos and work - 

  • Miss Baker 1 year ago
    Nice punch line Charlie.... :)

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