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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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World War 1 and the Romans?!

This week, Year 6 have been looking at World War One and the Romans…

To start off our new topic, we looked at World War One and wrote stories based off images depicting the war in various ways. Pupils had to write their own story based off a wartime picture and portray the feelings, thoughts and emotions of that soldier:

Desperately, I lie on the sticky, squelching mud, waiting for my promised glory. The chance to see the world is turning into a misty dream. Every day, I wish to get out of this treacherous trench, to reduce the risk of death!’

Amelia H


Devastated and depressed, I lie against the mud. I can smell mud and see darkness. I’m on duty and I dare not fall asleep. The night goes by and I am still lying against the mud. I feel exhausted and cold – like never before! The only things that surround me are soldiers (either my comrades walking around or the dead by the defences). In front of me is the barbed wire, sandbags and No Man’s Land - which is full of emptiness.’

Samuel J


Desperately, I wish to get out of this Belgian hell. My body is waist – deep in mud and water, my feet slowly rotting away, my eyes lay heavy in my head but I dare not fall asleep! I hear shells firing over –head but missing every time. Listening to the crimson waterfall gushing onto the earth, mixing in with the soil, depression is holding onto me. Every day feels meaningless.’



Since we’re looking at explanation texts, we looked at examples of different texts and then developed a step-by-step guide on how to make an explanation text.

The following week, we’ll be changing gears into looking at the Roman army and life as a soldier. So in preparation for that, we created Roman soldiers during our art lesson.


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