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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Did you hear the joke about the sky?

Well done for all the learning you are doing at home. Thank you for sending the pictures and emails - I love seeing what you are up to. 

We love a joke in Barn Owls. Here is a selection sent to me from Colette: (scroll down for punch lines)

1. Did you hear the joke about the sky?

2. How do you use an ancient Egyptian doorbell?

3. What did the buffalo say to his child when he went away on a  trip? 

My father was 7 on VE day (so who can calculate his age now...?) and remembers flags being hung from the windows. We still have those flags and so we hung them up as well. Thank you for sending in your  diaries of the day ("best day ever" wrote Reuben) and for letting me know how you marked the day. 


I have heard stories of jigsaws indoors and sensory circuits outdoors. You have told me about science in the kitchen, and I have seen a lot of cooking efforts. Ben's traffic light cookies were genius! 


Reuben's pack of (world?) 'flags and facts' continues with South America. I wonder what games he has thought of to play with them?

Colette has been planting veg, Martha training her dog to jump through a hoop and Charles has been perfecting his rugby kick (that's him in the thumbnail for this blog). This is an extraordinary time to do things that you like to do. I have been doing yoga each weekday morning and been trying to play the piano, slowly! 

Finally, here is the start of Freya's spine-tingling ghost writing piece. You can tell from the very start that in this story one of the characters is going to show great bravery in the face of fear. How would YOU write the rest of it?

Let’s tell a ghost story!” said Asher, “It will be fun, I promise!”

Flo turned to Asher and stuttered,” Ok then… but don’t make it TOO scary!”

Flo was a timid little girl, who was easily scared - especially when it came to the dark.


Ready for those punch lines?

Did you hear the one about the sky?

It went right over your head!

What did the buffalo say to his child when he went away on a  trip? 

Bison   (did you know there are different kinds?  watch this video here)

How do you use an ancient Egyptian doorbell?

Toot- and -come-in

(PS. you can read more about Tutankhamun by clicking here)


  • Mrs Denise m Venison 1 year ago
    Hi Barnowls, I've just looked at the blog and I'm so impressed with all your hard work. Ben those biscuits look yummy, can you make up a mathematical sentence for them? I could think of a few. Oh Colette, thank you for making us smile with your jokes. How are the veggies, I've planted some too. Runner beans, lettuce and some sweet drop peppers. Keep up the rugby skills Charles, you're very good at them. Reuben, you've worked hard on your flags and I wondered if you could make a top trumps game with them? So much information in them. Hey Martha, I thought you'd be spending a lot of time with your gorgeous Dash. I wonder if we'll see you on BGT sometime in the future. Finally, Freya your scary story has some excellent sentence work in it, I look forward to reading the complete works once we're all allowed back to school. Well done all of you for your hard work with your home learning. Keep safe, see you soon love Mrs Venison xx😘🤗
  • Colette 1 year ago
    Thanks for putting all my jokes on the blog. I miss everyone in my class. My veggies are fine Mrs Venison! From Colette
  • Mrs Denise m Venison 1 year ago
    Hi Ben, well done for the maths sentences, plus your writing was very good, I was pleased to see how neatly you had written out the sums. Keep up the good work. Miss you. Love Mrs Venison xx Hi Colette, my veg are doing well, however, I have managed to kill my sweet pepper drops. I tend to overwater things. Miss you too love Mrs Venison xx

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