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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

Nightingales' New Knowledge!

Spending another week apart, Nightingales have continued to show me how dedicated and hardworking they really are. These past two weeks, I have enjoyed seeing the work some of you have been completing. Let's take a look at what the class have been up to. 

Simar showed great determination with her fractions and could identify them in shapes!
Kareena has been practising her timestables every day. It has been lovely seeing Kareena's knowledge grow.



Albie has continued to prove himself as a true Maths Master! It was lovely to see column method being used.



This week, it has been amazing to see that more Nightingales have been sending me their writing activities. Seeing the wonderful writing certainly put a smile on my face!


Cecily worked really hard on her writing. She thought of some outstanding words to describe that pesky octopus that turned up in the sink.

Take a look at the amazing writing that was created by Amara and Kareen. Look at their outstanding sentences that included their fullstops, capital letters and finger spaces.

Once the home learning has been completed, it has been heartwarming to see what you have been getting up to with your families.


Glory-El has used her artistic skills to create this beautiful rainbow poster about Covid-19. Glory-El has shown, even though she wants to go to school, we must stay at home and
be safe.
Holly has been celebrating VE day with her family. Look at Holly and her sister in their super land girl outfits. Did anyone else celebrate VE Day?












Glory- El hasn't been the only one who has been producing astonishing artwork, Cecily created the pictures below and they put a great, big smile on my face.


As for me, I have been keeping busy in the house and still doing work at home. I have been watching everything on Disney+, I mean I haven't watched everything, but I must be close! Here is some of the other stuff I have been up to.

I got creative making KitKat fudge. It was lovely but too much made me feel very ill.
Mrs. Culling has been helping me learn how to cross stitch.  Can you tell who it is going to be?











I can not wait to see what you all get up to over the next two weeks. Remember even if you are not doing the home learning, I would love to see what you are getting up to.

Speak to you soon!

Miss Coulam

x :) x


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