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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Learning and caring together, building a firm foundation for the future

A very special delivery!

This week year 2 received a very special postcard from Flora and her Grandad all the way from their holiday in scorching hot India (can you believe it!)

We couldn’t contain our excitement to find out what amazing adventures they had been up to together. 








What memories did Flora and her Grandad share together on the beach?

On Tuesday we explored the features of a postcard. We discussed on our tables the similarities and differences between the postcards that Miss Hamilton had been sent when she was little. We discovered that all of the postcards had a picture on the front, a stamp, an address, a greeting and use the 5ws to describe a precious holiday memory. Just like the postcard we received from Flora!






“They all have a picture on the front, this one looks like it is from Austria or Switzerland as I can see the mountains and people skiing in the snow” Teo

Both of these postcards have a stamp and an address on the back. This is important as they help the postman know which house to deliver the postcards to” Poppy

Which feature do you think is the most important and why?

On Thursday we each brought in an object or a picture which reminds us of our favourite holiday memory. Even our teachers brought in a picture to share! We used the 5ws to describe our holiday memories to our class.  Everybody loved hearing about all of our exciting adventures.

“During October Half term I went to Tenerife with my Mum and my Dad. In Tenerife I felt delighted as I got to hold a parrot, swim in the swimming pool and go to the beach” Amira

“At Easter I went to Suffolk with my Dad, my Mum and my sister. We stayed in a caravan and did lots of exciting things. My favourite memory was when we went fishing in the lake” Amy

“In the holidays I went to Cadbury world. I got to ride on a massive chocolate bar with my Sister, my Mum and my Dad. I got to try so much chocolate and I even saw how it is made” Albie.

Can you use the 5ws to describe your favourite holiday memory?

We ended our English lessons this week by creating the front of our very own postcards, using our own favourite holiday memories. Each of our drawings were unique and represented a memory that is special to us and we will treasure forever. Just like the postcards we looked at earlier this week, some of us choose to draw one big picture whilst others decided to split our postcard into four and draw four smaller pictures.

“I’ve drawn a all the buildings that I saw when I was in New York. This is the plane that I went on to get there, its flying over the city” Henry








We are all excited to write our postcards next week. Watch out maybe you will receive one of Year 2s postcards through your door very soon!

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