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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Arrival – Rapport building


We arrived safe and sound and have had a great afternoon settling into life at Arethusa.

Firstly Karen (our housekeeper) showed us how to do an 'Arethusa bed' - we are now all fully trained and equipped in making our own beds and can't wait to show you when we arrive home.

'The duvet was a little bit hard but I got it in the end.' - Freya

We met our instructor, Alex, for the week who gave us lots of useful hints and tips before giving us all a quick site tour and a fire drill. Swimming was a great first day activity. We went for our 'Splash and Dash' session before heading off on our woodland trek.

Now, Woodland Walk, this is a different matter because the problem was…MUD!! I got caked in brown MUD’ - Joe

After all of the adventure of day 1 we had a hearty meal of sausages, mash and cabbage which replaced lots of the energy that we had used during the day. It was wonderful to welcome Miss Baker and her son Henry, down for the evening to see us all.

The staff knew that night one was going to be a long long night but were pleasantly surprised that we were mainly settled relatively early (that was until some of the boys woke Mr Dockrell at 4am...)

We are all looking forward to a fun packed day tomorrow with four outdoor activities.

  • Libby Crawley- Meade 3 years ago
    I wish I could have gone to arethusa! I really missed my best friend because she went, but it looked like everybody had a great time!
  • Ravneet Heer {#} 3 years ago
    That looks so cool wish I had gone im so silly
  • Iyin Olatunde 3 years ago
    Arethusa was really fun and hope I can go again
  • Iyin Olatunde 3 years ago
    I really missed my best friend
  • Julie Haywood 3 years ago
    Ouch 4am !! Sounds like the kids will all be cleaning their rooms and making beds fingers crossed !
  • Katie O'Mara 3 years ago
    So lovely to hear what the children have been doing! Sounds like lots of fun (for the kids 😂)
  • Jodie Beardmore 3 years ago
    Loving the updates! Glad they are all having an amazing time! Looking forward to seeing Lily’s bed making skills when she is home!
  • Lisa Packham 3 years ago
    It sounds like you’re all having a wonderful time. Hopefully there won’t be any more 4am wake up calls on the agenda!! Many thanks to all the staff on the trip who are giving up their evenings.....and sleep (ha ha!) so the children can have such a fantastic experience.
  • Rachel Clear 3 years ago
    I do hope they weren’t up so early this morning!!! It sounds like you are all having a lovely time. 😄
  • Lisa Packham 3 years ago
    It sounds like you’re all having a wonderful time......even with the 4am wake up calls! Many thanks to the staff for giving up their evenings (and their sleep!!) so that the children can have such a fantastic experience. Hope you have another fabulous day today. Looking forward to the next update and more photos.
  • Favour 3 years ago
    Wow! It seems the kids are having a great time. Well done to all the teachers for putting the house in order. I bet I don't have to make the bed for someone anymore😁👍
  • Rita Shaw 3 years ago
    Thankyou for giving the children a fun week. It all sounds amazing and such a good experience for them. Can't wait to hear all about it from Riley and Ollie. Enjoy your well earned restful weekend
  • Amelia Haywood 3 years ago
    That looks so fun , I wish I went .
  • adrian 2 years ago
    the pictures look fun i wish i went there with all my friends *-*

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