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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Visual Literacy with a twist...

On Monday we wrote from first hand experiences imagining that we were Sophie on the rooftops of Paris.

In the hall we had the bars, ropes, benches and high stools set up. We all had to take off our shoes and socks or tights, if you were wearing them. All of this was so we were able to write about walking on rooftops. On the ropes I climbed and my hands were very sore; I wrote sore on the paper that said danger. In my book I wrote that when I jumped from roof to roof I landed on my hands making them ache and hurt. We were allowed to write in the hall on one of the objects so at the same time we wrote we could feel what we were writing. I really liked the lesson because I was able to feel what I was writing: this gave me more ideas. Whilst I watched people walk on the benches I saw how they wobbled so I closed my eyes and dreamed I was on a rooftop wobbling just like everyone else was. - Joella



How did you feel whilst  exploring/writing from a height?

  • Jack Addy 2 years ago
    It was such fun having a twist in literacy and getting the experience of being on a rooftop. I wish I could do it again another time.
  • nancy harrison 2 years ago
    it was very fun being able to see what it was like being high looking down to the ground as if we where on a rooftop
  • Samuel Jackson 2 years ago
    This activity was sort of fun,I liked going on the bars and ropes,but I didn't like it that much.
  • Ausaja Khawar 2 years ago
    I loved going on the bars because it felt as if it was realy climbing up a ladder and swinging from rope
  • Saachi Rodrigues 2 years ago
    It was such a lovely experience ,where I could see from heights.
  • Louise Collins 2 years ago
    I really enjoyed it on the aporators it was fun learning in different aspects

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