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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Sprouting into Spring time

For the past two weeks year 5 have been growing garlic, snowdrops and potatoes. We only put a small amount of water on them and they have made massive progress. Also every child has a bean growing for themselves in a plastic cup with a tiny bit of water. Our task was to see how long it would take to grow these with a small amount of water making it able to grow. The day we grew the plants they were already making big progress. I am very sure that in the next two weeks they will grow to their full potential. In our topic books our lessons are mostly based on plants and we have written about how they pollinate other flowers to spread more flowers across our field. Also we sketched snowdrops, bulbs and potatoes and then we labelled them saying what each part does. I am really excited to watch the germination of the seeds. Lucas Finch 


Recently, we have been growing some special items, potatoes, garlic, snowdrops and our task is to see how they have grown. Year 5 have been growing a bean in a plastic cup. Some of the beans have been soaked in some water. Last week we went outside and sketched signs of spring in the super surroundings. We have been doing a lot over the last few weeks and I can’t wait until we see them fully grown. Charlie Fellows

  • Iyin Olatunde 3 years ago
    I enjoyed planting these
  • Evelyn 2 years ago
    Weldone Shawn.
  • Amelia Haywood 2 years ago
    Weldone Shawn , I can't wait till these grow .
  • Iyin Olatunde 2 years ago
    It was really fun.
  • Tomiwa Lawal 2 years ago
    I can’t wait to see how they turn out!
  • Callum Painter 2 years ago
    I have enjoyed this topic and it was a fun time.
  • Joseph Woodward 2 years ago
    Some of the time I was at Arethusa but people that planted the plants did a good job.
  • Amara Oyeniyi 2 years ago
    I have enjoyed reading this blog and participating in the project.
  • Emilia Kedzierska 2 years ago
    Although i was at arethusa i think my Class mates did a great job with planting them
  • Emilia Kedzierska 2 years ago
    Very good job my friends
  • Cathy Bolavucu 2 years ago
    I loved participating throughout planting these seeds. Although people went to arethusa everybody still did theres so when they come back they won't be behind us kids in yr5.The topic really helps me because I've been learning about them at home as well as school
  • Iyin Olatunde 2 years ago
    Soon these will grow
  • Jude Clear 2 years ago
    I'm going to grow pumpkins at home for Halloween. Well done Shawn!
  • Amelia Barnes 2 years ago
    Very good just shaun building it😇
  • SJ 2 years ago
    I hope they grow sooooo high!

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