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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Take A Splash!

Today we had a wonderful trip by train to London Aquarium.

All week, we have had our fingers crossed that the trip could still go ahead because of the forecasted snow. We are so glad that it did, as it meant we could have this wonderful experience.

Jumping off the busy train and heading through London we saw many London Attractions.


Once we arrived at the Aquarium, our first experience was to walk over a shark tank - which we thought was pretty amazing! Soon we saw the string rays - some of them popped up to wave at us.

Next were lucky enough to meet Boris and Phoenix, the turtles. Children were heard saying that it was 'the most enormous turtle that I've ever seen'. Later in the workshop we learnt that turtles bury themselves into the coral when they want a snooze, so that they don't float away.


At the rock pools, we bravely stroked a starfish. In our workshop, we learnt that the starfish feels spongy because it has no brain, bones or blood. Another interesting, and quite disgusting, fact that we learnt was that starfish take their stomach out of their body to eat food and pull it back inside when they are finished.


We ate lunch with the terrifying sharks - luckily they had just been fed! It was magnificent to see them up close.


Whilst at the Aquarium, both classes also went to a Commotion in the Ocean workshop. Here we learnt lots of new information. Few of us already new what the word adaptation meant and soon discovered that it is about how an animal adapts to its habitat. We had two volunteers from each class who became Mrs/Mr Penguin and Mrs/Mr Seahorse.

We learnt about how these animals are adapted to the oceans they live in. For example, a seahorse uses its tail to hold onto sea horse because it is not a great swimmer. It also uses its fin to steer the direction it wishes to move. Penguins have double feathers to keep them warm, but also waterproof. They also have a beak to easily catch their fish.


In the workshop, we also compared the habitat of a coral reef to open waters. We were then challenged to create a brand new sea animal that was well adapted to one of these habitats. One group created 'Parrot Fish' with a tail to help it swim very fast. Another created, 'Funny', whose eyes split so that he can check for predators from different directions. We also had 'Honey', with a giant fin to whack away predators.


As you can see it really was an amazing day enjoyed by all. Thank you to the children for doing the school proud when out and about, as it was commented on many times at how well behaved they are.

Finally, a very big thank you to our parent helpers who gave up their time to come and support. We really do appreciate it. We hope you all have a restful weekend after our big adventure - your teachers definitely will!

  • Tony Bolavucu 2 years ago
    This was so fun!
  • Caleb Jackson 2 years ago
    I had fun at the Aquarium. My favourite part was the glass tank on the floor with the sharks inside it. I also liked the workshop.
  • Leigh Bristow 2 years ago
    It was great to hear all about the wonderful day everyone had at the London Aquarium, and thank goodness the snow stayed away. Chloe had a fantastic time and was so excited to share everything she had seen that day. A great experience for all! Thank you for arranging a brilliant day out and keeping everyone safe too.

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