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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

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Cure of the Plague

Firstly, we would like to welcome you to Kingfishers and Nightingales' blog page. 

This term, as part of our 'How Are You?' topic, we have been learning about germs and how to keep ourselves hygienic. Within, this we have been learning about The Great Plague.

So far, we have investigated how the plague spread. We discovered that at the time some people thought it was the farm food they were eating, fleas from cats and dogs, poisoned air and various other thoughts. We now know that it was actually rats that caused the plague to spread so quickly, as there were many of them around during this time, especially in London. 

We have also learnt the real meaning behind the words in the song, 'Ring a Ring O' Roses'. Can we tell you what the line 'A pocket full of posies' means, or 'A-tishoo! A-tishoo! We all fall down'?


This week, we had great fun pretending to be doctors at the time of the plague. We know that the real cure of the plague was actually The Great Fire of London, but at the time doctors had never seen a disease like the plague before, and didn't really know what medicine to give, so they tried making their own medicine cure.

We thought that some of the things they used were really disgusting! We had a go at using some of the ingredients that had been used at the time to create our own medicine. We had to use some substitutes for ingredients, for example we of course couldn't use real fingers so used hot dogs to represent the fingers instead. It is safe to say, the classroom smelt revolting afterwards!

Can you tell what we used and what ingredients from the past they were pretending to be?

Can you describe the medicine we made?


Next week, we will be writing instructions for the medicine we made. 



  • Kelly Goodayle 3 years ago
    We heard all about this at home, definitely got the children engaged with the topic!!

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